The Medicaid Planner's Role

The Medicaid Planner's role is to ultimately achieve the client's planning objectives by finding solutions to excess asset issues in order to obtain Medicaid eligibility. As a Medicaid Planning firm, Redding Fitzpatrick will coordinate between various professionals to execute the client's plan. Our firm has the unique position of sharing office space with Metroplex Wealth, a company that primarily focuses on tax-free retirement plans, who can assist our clients with annuities and other financial tools that may be utilized in a client's specific Medicaid plan.

The primary objective of a Medicaid Planner is to legally shift as much of the burden for the cost of care from the patient (and our client) to the government. The secondary objective is to preserve the client's resources for the benefit of the healthy spouse or for later use if a single client recovers. We also want to preserve critical assets for transference to the next generation and take full advantage of the current laws that allow for protection.

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