The Importance of Estate Planning

"Make these decisions so your family doesn't have to."

Estate planning is not just for the ultra-wealthy. Everyone over the age of 18 should have an estate plan in place. A complete estate plan includes more than a will to determine who gets what if you pass away; it should include durable and statutory power of attorneys, as well as health care directives. These allow you to make important decisions about who you want to in charge if something were to happen and you were unable to make these choices for yourself. Without an estate plan - the court, not your family, will determine who gets your personal belongings. It is the opposite without power of attorneys in place. In this situation you would potentially leave your family with tough decision to make about your care and well-being. 

At Redding | Fitzpatrick, LLP all our estate plans involve a will to provide the passing of your personal effects to your loved ones or organization(s) of choice. But maybe, more importantly, our plans involve these power of attorneys. If you have children then we will provide the documents stating who you would like to care for your children in the event of death or incapacitation. 

It really helps to have these decisions already made and the documents in place in case something happens. Do not leave these tough decisions to possibly emotional family members. 

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Robert A. Fitzpatrick is co-founding partner at Redding | Fitzpatrick, LLP an estate planning and asset protection law firm located in Southlake, Texas. 

Robert has represented thousands of people before the Social Security Administration and litigated Social Security cases in the United States District Courts in the Eastern and Northern Districts of Texas.

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