Top Ten Reasons Why You Need an Estate Plan

It is quite common for individuals to put creation of their estate plan on the back-burner. Why? Maybe because their passing isn't something they want to think about. Or maybe they just don't see the urgency of the matter. The problem with procrastination in this area is that it can have a significantly negative-impact on your beneficiaries upon your passing. There are many reasons why it is important you secure an estate plan immediately. I have listed the top 10 reasons below:

To ensure that the assets you worked so hard to obtain will be passed on to your chosen beneficiaries.To avoid a lengthy and costly probate process.To escape paying unnecessary attorney’s fees out of your estate to a probate lawyer.To circumvent having your estate eaten up by the IRS.To make tough decisions now so that your grieving loved ones don’t have to later.To confirm your wishes are carried out when you pass.To provide financial support for your surviving spouse, children and grandchildren.To protect your family’s privacy.To distribute your assets in a timely manner.To preserve your wealth.

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