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Providing Personalized Protection for What Matters Most

Estate Planning Law Firm
in Southlake, Texas


After getting my law degree, I was welcomed into a big firm family. The only problem — it didn’t really feel like a family. It felt more like a number system. I didn’t like that, and so I left to start a more personalized practice.


I knew, from the moment I formed my office, that I made the right decision for both myself and my clients. As a small, boutique law firm, my clients get to know me personally and are always in on what’s happening with their case.

Meet Your Attorney

Tell me your story. I'm here to listen.

I am not just an attorney; I am a counselor. I want to listen to my clients, and I feel lucky to work with the clientele I do."

One of the greatest advantages of working with a small firm, like mine, is getting to know your attorney personally. I want you to enjoy that advantage, so I invite you to share everything with me — your goals, your concerns — heck, even your life story!
The more I know about your situation, the more I can do for you on the legal level. The more I know about you as a person, the better I can tailor your estate plan to suit your specific needs.

I Strive to Take the Stress Out of Your Situation


One of the biggest stresses for clients is whether they can afford legal counsel. To help, I offer a flat-fee quote up front for most of my estate planning services.


I put all my resources to good use in order to help clients. If you decide to work with me, get ready for diligent, dedicated service.

Genuine Counsel

I truly care about helping you design an estate plan that addresses each and every one of your concerns. My goal is to help you achieve peace of mind as you look toward your future.

Your legal concerns are important to you, and you're important to me.

I can’t stress enough how much I genuinely love helping people. The moment you step into my office — or I visit you at home — I feel compelled to do what I can to appease your legal concerns.

Sometimes that means simply directing you toward the appropriate next steps. Sometimes it means taking you on as my client then and there. And sometimes it means getting started on a plan of action that will remain ongoing until I’ve found the solution that works best for you. Whatever the challenge may be, I'm prepared to evaluate your options and offer my guidance.

Many people become stressed at the idea of hiring an attorney, but in reality, it can only benefit you to at least call and set up a free consultation. At my firm, I’d be honored to discuss your legal plan, whether it’s simple, complex, immediate, or forward-looking.

I would love nothing more than to help you take care of the concerns weighing on your mind and, in turn, reduce the stress that often comes with the legal process. And, to minimize the chances of similar concerns recurring in the future, I will structure our solutions with the long haul in mind.